I have made many, many images over the course of the last three years. As I review them, I am finding that a great many fit into four major themes. Join me in an exploration of these four themes and the images that are included in them.



Smoke Break


Preferring candid to posed shots, I often use a zoom lens. If I am noticed, I gesture questioningly with the camera and respect the response. The catch is that once my subject sees the camera, he or she begins to pose! In many countries, you can take pictures of anyone in a public place, except notably for France. Fortunately, I do not spend a lot of time in France, thereby avoiding “poursuites”  or lawsuits!






Alleyway in Tuscany


I’m an adventurer and a time traveler, mostly to the past.  I love to travel abroad, preferring gritty or textured places such as India and Italy.  In the United States, my preferences are broader and include parks, beaches, water scenes, abandoned buildings, oops there I go again into the past.







I find myself creating visual images in my mind all the time. Creative photography and digital art are vehicles to bring the dreams and wishes of my childhood into the present. Working on creative images is also a way to spend extra time in environments and activities that I love. I am exploring the nightmares as well, but find them more, not surprisingly, more difficult to work with because of their emotional content.



Feathers and Fancies 

In My Prime


Living in Florida and loving the outdoors, it is difficult to ignore the exotic pterodactyl-like creatures that soar over the Everglades. It is a challenge and a pleasure to capture good lighting on a nest with chicks or an egret dancing for his dinner. Parenting behavior is akin to human parenting when it is done well. And then there’s the fishing, fighting and flying, all of it good!




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