Christine Prendergast

“Your website is both intriguing and impressive.  I was not aware of your extraordinary talent, skill and accessibility as a photographer.  Taking photographs is a passion of mine, but I have little talent for it, and no skill.

I can however appreciate fine art when I view it, and your art is some of the best I have seen.  Because I am fortunate enough to live and work in New York City, in my rare, spare time, I visit galleries; especially photographic galleries.  I see many different kinds of work, from the “sublime to the ridiculous.”  Your work is superb, and I am delighted valued critics and educators rank you very high in your achievements in this wonderful, “breathing” art form. I define your work as “alive and unique.”

Thank you for this web site.  I enjoyed all of it.  PLEASE add to your gallery.  I would love to see more of your insightful work.  Very best wishes.”

Christine Prendergast, Artistic Director, “Breaking The Rules,” a music/theatre project, which gives its audiences a brand new way to listen to, and to understand the marvelous complexities of classical music.

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