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Christine Cook’s art is known for its dramatic scenes and fascinating characters. Her images evoke thought and emotion from the viewer. There is something for everyone, longed-for vistas, interesting characters, imaginary places and intense beauty. Each image invites a visual exploration and a return to its mysteries over and over again.

Christine’s passion for photography was fueled by the colorful characters and visual experiences of her immediate family. Her five brothers filled the front yard with gritty old cars and trucks in a never-ending process of repair. They grew up to be machinists as well as martial arts experts. Her father was a plumber and prone to business via bar-room where he frequently brought his children. He mentored convicts as a consultant to the local police departments. In stark contrast, Christine’s mother was an avowed intellect with a talent in painting and expertise in the writings of Shakespeare. Her family is deeply rooted in the beautiful but black and blue history of Sicily.

The expression: “Bursts Onto the Scene” truly applies to the work of Christine Cook. In the last three years, after receiving many awards, appearing in several publications and selling many of her images locally, she has taken her work to national and international audiences. And they are embracing her style.  In September of 2014, Christine received Special International Recognition  awards for five  images from the Upstream People Gallery Online International Art Exhibition. Her images have consistently appeared in the top finalists of the Exhibitions Without Walls International online competitions. She was juried into CameraUSA, a national exhibition at the von Liebig Arts Center in Naples, Florida.

In addition to producing art, Christine is involved with local and state camera clubs in leadership positions as well as teaching and presenting all around the state of Florida.


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