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Having spent 35 years in education, I’ve developed an easy and fun way of sharing a craft with others. Whether it’s an individual tutorial, classes or presentations, I insist on having a great time while educating! People learn best when their whole brain is engaged, the social centers, the artistic visual areas and the parts of their brains that crave detail and step-by-steps.
Some of the comments about my teaching include:

“Christine is a wonderful educator, artist, and technician!”

   - past student of post processing class at the Naples Botanical Garden, March, 2014

“Thank you for being such a dedicated Lifelong Learning instructor! … Just like last season, your students greatly enjoyed this series. According to the evaluation forms, you received perfect scores on overall experience, presenter quality and benefit to the student. Congratulations!”

 - Andee Naccarato, Department of Education and Conservation, Naples Botanical Garden,

         Naples, Fl, April, 2014


Individual tutorial sessions are available on the following topics for $45 per hour:

1.  Composition in natural settings

2.  Photoshop – Beginner through Advanced

3.  Street Photography or Candid Shots of People


Group Presentations are available on the following topics, fees starting at $150:

1.  Magnificent Monochrome

2.  Color Impact & Color Schemes

3.  Street Photography & Candid Shots of People

4. Composition: Rules & Breaking those rules

5. Creative Post-Processing Techniques


Classes are available at the Naples Botanical Garden during February and March. Check

1.  Basics of Nature Photography: Focus on Composition

2.  Post-processing with Photoshop: Beginners Level


Workshop is offered at the Marco Island Center for the Arts on Advanced Photoshop at, February 28, 2015, 9:00 – 4:00




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  • Christine Prendergast


    Dr. Cook:

    Your website is both intriguing and impressive. I was not aware of your extraordinary talent, skill and accessibility as a photographer. Taking photographs is a passion of mine, but I have little talent for it, and no skill.
    However, I can appreciate fine art when I view it, and your art is some of the best I have seen. Because I am fortunate eough to live and work in New York City, in my rare, spare time, I visit galleries; especially photographic galleries. I see many different kinds of work, from the “sublime to the ridiculous.” Your work is superb, and I am delighted valued critics and educators rank you very high in your achievements in this wonderful, “breathing” art form. I define your work as “alive and unique.”
    Thank you for this web site. I enjoyed all of it. PLEASE add to your gallery. I would love to see more of your insightful work. Very best wishes, Christine Prendergast, Artistic Director, “Breaking The Rules,” a music/theatre project, which gives its audiences a brand new way to listen to, and to understand the marvelous complexities of classical music. 1/15/15.


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