Speaking Topics

Dr. Cook is frequently asked to present on various topics. She presents all over the state of Florida where she resides. She can present via Webinar or live. Because of her extensive experience teaching at the college and professional levels, people of all abilities learn valuable lessons in her classes and workshops while having a great time!

Presentation Topics Offered:

  1. Monochrome Photography
    • Learn how to convert color images to black and white in order to display their contrast, textures and shading the most beautifully.
  2. Flower Photography, Macro and Close-up
    • Learn how to capture the color, texture, depth and layers that flowers can reveal when you have the skill and knowledge to do it.
  3. Post-processing using Photoshop – Beginner and Intermediate Levels
    • Photoshop has infinite tools to help you bring your images to life. Learn to enhance with color, clarity, light at a beginner’s level or add to what you already know when working in layers.
  4. Creative Photography In-Camera
    • In this workshop, you will be exposed to and try such techniques as zooming, shaking, double exposure, bracketing and long exposure. There’s also shooting through textured materials, glass balls, water and ice. The number of techniques depends on the amount of time you have!
  5. Creative Post-processing in Photoshop
    • Photoshop and software such as Topaz and Nik offer an infinite number of ways to make creative works. From texture overlays to composites, this workshop requires comfort with Photoshop and layers, unless you simply want exposure to many ways of creating unique images.
  6. Individual topics in composition. These can be taught separately or in any combination:
    • Shooting from Different Angles
    • Rule of Thirds and Golden Spiral
    • Value of Leading Lines
    • When & Where to Crop
    • Creating dimension and depth
    • Assuring a clear main subject and supportive background
    • Capturing color schemes with the most impact
  7. Compositional Guidelines for High Quality Images
    • Learn how to bump up your skill in making images to another level by taking this class. It covers all of the items listed in Individual Topics and then some. You will learn to set up a shot and then analyze it for quality.
  8. Judging Skills for Competition
    • Learn the standards of high-quality images in terms of impact, composition and technical aspects. This is an intensive workshop of 6 hours plus assignments that prepares you to judge photographs in competition. It requires that participants have some experience winning awards with their own images.
  9. Photographing in Natural Light
    • Learn the different aspect of natural light and shade, from amount of light, direction and type of light. Getting the right light on a subject, whether it’s a landscape or a portrait can make or break an image.

Session Lengths

All topics can be presented in short or long sessions, from 1 hour for an introduction, up to 3 hours long for more intensive coverage. All topics can also be all-day experiences. The Judging Skills Class can only be a 6-hour class plus assignments. All topics can be accompanied by in-field practice and guidance, but do not necessarily have to be. This arrangement would require additional time.

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